Services Provided

I provide both short-term and long-term therapy to individuals, couples and families.


  • If you are struggling with depression or anxiety and are seeking strategies to reduce and manage these symptoms
  • If you struggle with low self-esteem are want to develop a more affirming and confident view of yourself
  • If you have suffered a painful loss and need support working through the process of mourning and healing grief
  • If you feel a loss of meaning in your life you want to identify the roots of this condition and find ways to create deeper connectedness and satisfaction in your life
  • If you have problematic relationships with food, sex, or substances and want to develop healthier relationships with these things
  • If you need suffered from abuse or trauma and are seeking support to heal from the wounds that were inflicted upon you
  • If you have curiosities or struggles related to your racial, ethnic, spiritual, sexual, or gender identity and are looking for a safe space to explore your questions and find resolutions.

Couples - please contact me if you need help with any of the following....

  • How to communicate effectively.
  • Being stuck in an endless loop of attacking-withdrawing and need help breaking this pattern and reducing the tension and frustration it breeds.
  • Emotional distance and are eager to close the gap and develop a closer, more satisfying bond.
  • Loss of intimacy and want to find ways to reconnect and save your relationship.
  • The trauma of infidelity and need support to repair the damage to your relationship.
  • Sexual problems that are interfering with intimacy and satisfaction.
  • Contemplating divorce but are not sure if this is the best course of action for you.
  • Knowing you want a divorce but want to ensure that you go through this process is the least damaging way.

Families - I can help if...

  • You need guidance developing more effective parenting strategies.
  • Your family would benefit from improved communication and guidance in enhancing closeness and connection.
  • You have an adolescent who seems to be troubled or at-risk in some way and you need help uncovering the roots of these struggles so you can reduce tension, conflict, and/or alienation and enhance understanding, closeness, respect and caring.

Please contact me today to arranged a consultation to discuss whatever issues concern you.